Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a part of AI (artificial intelligence) that deals with understanding and processing of human language. In real time, majority of data exists in the unstructured form such us text, videos, images. Mass of data in unstructured category, will be in textual form. To process this textual data's with machine learning algorithms, NLP comes in to play.

NLP use cases are Language translation, Speech recognition, Hiring and Recruitment, Chat Bot, Sentimental analysis and so on.


Sentimental analysis predicts whether the review is positive or negative.

Positive Review:

  • “Love the phone. the phone is sleek…

Computer vision is growing in popularity! It enables the computers to see, analyze and process objects in images /videos, in the same way of human does. Object detection are immensely used in robotics, text extraction, self-driving cars, theft detection, satellite analytics etc. In this Article, we’ll focus on the image basics , building blocks of Convolutional neural network and step by step approach of model building.

Image Basics and Manipulations

Pixels are the smallest element of digital image. It’s values ranges from 0 to 255, where 0 represents black and 1 indicate white.

Keerthana Durai

Aspiring data scientist.

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